Súlur - 29 km



Súlur is a 29 km mountain run with a 1410 m elevation gain.  It is a challenging race but achievable for anyone moderately prepared.


The race starts in Kjarnaskógi, from where you run up to top of the rocks nestled above the forest with a great view of Akureyri town and the fjord. From there, run to the Súlur parking lot and then continue along the marked trail up to the mountain Súlur. At the top of Súlur you turn back and run back the same route to the parking lot. 

The trail from there crosses a small canyon and then follows the path along the river Glerá. Cross Hlíðarbraut (road) and continue along Glerá to the University of Akureyri. The race finishes with a 2-3 km run along the streets of Akureyri into the center of town.  

Start time 

  • The race starts in Kjarnaskógi at 10.00 am
  • Buses leave from Hof at 9.15


Time limit

  • Runners are expected to complete the race in seven hours, giving approximately 300 ITRA points.
  • In order to reach the time limit, runners must have left the drinking station at Sulur parking lot in less than 5 hours and 15 minutes or at 15.15. Those runners who do not reach this time limit must stop the race. This policy applies to all participants and cannot be negotiated with race officials during or before the race. 



Registration deadline: 25.07.2024, 23:59

  • ISK 16,300 (Price until 31.01.2024 23:59)
  • ISK 18,500 (Price until 01.06.2024 23:59)
  • 21,750 ISK (Full price)


Mandatory equipment

  • Bottle/glass 0.5 l minimum (there will be no glasses at drinking stations)
  • A phone with enough charge and the emergency number 112 saved together with the race manager's phone number: 822 4115
  • Aluminum blanket with a minimum size of 130 x 200 cm
  • Elastic band/tape (100 x 5 cm)

The following may be added as related equipment if the weather forecast is bad, will be issued two days before the race

  • A jacket
  • Buff/hat
  • Gloves

Poles: You are allowed to run with poles, but the rule is that if you start the race with poles, you must end the race with poles. 

During the race, participants must wear the mandatory equipment. Race officals may request an equipment check before, during and after the race.  If mandatory equipment is missing, there is a time penalty (15–60 minutes added to the person's final time, depending on how much mandatory equipment is missing). A participant can be dismissed from the competition if a lot of mandatory equipment is missing.

Check points

  • At the Súlur parking lot after 10 km and 21 km: Water and food
  • Fallorkustígur after 25 km: Water, self-service