Fálkinn - 19 km



Falkinn is a 19 km trail run with a 530 m elevation gain. A great experience for all runners. 


The race starts in Kjarnaskógur, from where you run up to the top of the rocks nestled above the forest with a great view of Akureyri town and the fjord. After ca. 300 m of ascent, you pass Gamli, an old scout lodge and onwards past the second scout lodge called Fálkafell. A short decend will take you towards Súlur parking lot for a check point at 10 km. 

The trail from there takes you across a small canyon and then follows the path along the river Glerá. Cross Hlíðarbraut (road) and continue along Glerá to the University of Akureyri. The race finishes with a 2-3 km run along the streets of Akureyri into the center of town.  

Start time

  • Runners will be started in several groups according to the scheduled time, the fastest runners first at 11.30 and other groups after that at intervals of a few minutes.
  • Buses leave from Hof at 10.45-11.00.


Time limit

  • Runners must complete the course in 4 hours. 


Registration deadline: 25.07.2024, 23:59

  • 12,750 ISK (Price until 31.01.2024 23:59)
  • 14,450 ISK (Price until 01.06.2024 23:59)
  • 17,000 ISK (Full price)


Mandatory equipment

There is no mandatory equipment. But if runners are going to use the drinking station at Sulur parking lot, they need to have a can or glass with them. It is allowed to run with ploles, but they must be with them all the way from the start to the end of the run.

Check points

  • At the Sulur parking lot after 10 km: Drinks and food
  • Fallorkustígur after 15.5 km: Water, self-service